No.Project titleImplementation areaImplementation periodDonorsSummary1Integrated support for safe education for children affected by the crisis in the prefectures of Nana-Gribizi ( Mbrès and Basse-Kotto (Mingala, Alindao and Mobaye) and support for humanitarian coordination in CARMbres( Kaga Bandoro )July 2021- December 2022ECHO via NRCThis is a project implemented […]
We are the NGO INITIATIVE POUR LA DEMOCRATIE ET LE DEVELOPPEMENT DURABLE, We have a catalogue of projects, done and ongoing, from fighting against covid-19, to helping health care centers. In I3D We care about people. We would like to thank our executive director and our […]
The Central African Republic has the second highest infant mortality rate and one of the highest child under 5 mortality rates in the world. We aim to reduce this number drastically and this is why we began the Safe Mom Project. Our Project offers training and […]
Since the Crises in 2013 in The Central African Republic, one of the main effects of the crisis in the CAR is mass displacement. Another effect of the crises, is that majority of families are unable to plant their crops or earn their living, and that […]
In the Central African Republic, 95% of children in CAR have never had their own toothbrush! ……………………………………………………… The same toothbrush is very often used by several children in the family. In the Sangha Mbaere Prefecture a region with 150,000 people there is no dentist in the […]
In the Central African Republic, half of the population is illiterate. And 38% of the population are young, and are usually between 15 and 24 years. Our goal is to create long lasting solutions to encourage more kids’ access to education. We began with key educational […]
Thanks to the help of the organization of the @Polska Fundacja Dla Afryki Polish Foundation for Africa and the private donor, Mr. @Arkadiusz Szczygieł, a respirator was delivered to the hospital in Nola. It is the only respirator in the entire Sangha Mbaere Prefecture and one […]
The 9th World Water Forum, continued from the 21 to 26 March 2022: The theme for the forum was: Water Security and Sanitation for Peace and Development. several topics around the availability water discussed were the determination to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular […]
The fourth day of the 9th World Water Forum was packed and In attendance was a #13D representative Evariste MBAYELAO who participated as a panelist in two round tables with discussions about “The civil society and the power to achieve universal access to water and sanitation”. […]
1000 liters of gasoline were donated to #SODECA in Bouar by the NGO I3D. In a brief speech, the head of office of the NGO #13D National Initiative for Democracy and Sustainable Development (I3D) to help SODECA continue the provision of drinkable water to the population. The delivery of 1000 […]
From 5th to 6th of February 2022, the NGO I3D distributed school supplies, teaching materials, girls’ dignity kits and sports equipment (balls, whistles, T-shirts / shorts, tennis, skipping ropes) to 7 selected schools in the Bossembélé sector. Providing these tools is part of a project to […]
Together with the Dla Świata (For the World) organization, we provided nutritional support to over 100 families of IDPs from the area of Bogaranga in the north of the Central African Republic. In Europe, little attention is paid to the phenomenon and the problem of internal […]
One of the health centers that we help running is The Loppo Health Center. It was built in 2012 by the NGO CARSA. It has two low-rise buildings, one of which is open and consists of 4 rooms: a laboratory, maternity ward, pharmacy, hospital ward and […]
The Dentist in Lobaye project also included dental education in the field of oral hygiene. Thanks to the project, it was possible to carry out formations for 2,500 children from schools in Bagandou and the surrounding towns. The trainings covered oral hygiene, diseases caused by odontogenic […]
The CAR is a dysfunctional country, which means that health care in the Central African Republic is not subsidized by the state. Institutions with medical resources and medicine are provided by humanitarian organizations. The staff, on the other hand, are 80% unskilled people only trained for […]
WHEN: May-July 2018 WHERE: Boali commune (21 villages) + Bangui 4th district BENEFICIARIES: 550 people (300 people – direct distribution, 250 people – money transfer): farms that have lost food supplies and seeds, farms that cannot afford to buy seeds, women maintaining farms themselves, the elderly, […]
The document was approved on July 10, 2021 in the city hall in #Pissa (70 km west of Bangui), during a workshop organized as part of the project “Mobilizing the community for transparency and accountability in the use of forest income by 2 riverside municipalities (Pissa […]
From 2 to 11 July 2021, a team of animators from the NGO I3D and Hina DERABE MAOBE, the head of UNICEF’s WASH branch in the Bossangoa-Paoua area, visited the beneficiaries of two projects: villages and schools to evaluate the project activities.  10 villages from 4 […]
The research will be conducted from June 26 to July 30, 2021.  Objective: To assess child rights violations in the Sangha – Mbaéré Prefecture, with a view to proposing measures to be taken to ensure the protection of children living in difficult conditions in the region.  […]