1000 liters of gasoline were donated to #SODECA in Bouar by the NGO I3D. In a brief speech, the head of office of the NGO #13D National Initiative for Democracy and Sustainable Development (I3D) to help SODECA continue the provision of drinkable water to the population. The delivery of 1000 liters of gasoline took place on Saturday March 19, 2022 in the presence of SODECA agents from Bouar. In a brief speech, the head of the office of the NGO #I3D in Bouar, Ursula Pounguinza, specified that this is a follow-up to the announcement of March 4 by #UNICEF in Bouar, concerning the difficulties experienced by SODECA in the production and distribution of water to the population hanged throughout the dry season period, during which the NGO I3d used its own funds to provide this assistance to SODECA. For this year, the #NGO I3D has committed for a period of 3 months to supply monthly 1000 liters of gasoline to the SODECA in Bouar. “It is a symbolic act of course, but also an opportunity to salute the commitment of the NGO i3d so that it continues its contribution to the community”, concluded the director of the cabinet of I3d from Bouar. To donate to this project, Click on this link- https://www.i3d-rca.org/support-us/ for more information on this project and others click the link- www.i3d-rca.org
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