One of the health centers that we help running is The Loppo Health Center. It was built in 2012 by the NGO CARSA. It has two low-rise buildings, one of which is open and consists of 4 rooms: a laboratory, maternity ward, pharmacy, hospital ward and waiting room. Another building is under construction, unfortunately the construction has been suspended due to lack of funds.
The center serves as many as 7,074 patients. The number of staff in center is seven. These are unqualified people: the head of the center, three maternity assistants, a laboratory assistant, a pharmacist and a nurse’s assistant.

The area for the health center was handed over by the mayor’s office. This health center has no fencing, no wells, and no garbage incinerator. There are two latrine blocks with 04 compartments, two for men and two for women.

The clinic has a refrigerator to be powered by solar energy for storing vaccines and an electron microscope, unfortunately the electricity is not sufficient and neither the refrigerator nor the microscope work properly.
The clinic has 04 beds in very poor condition.



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