WHEN: May-July 2018

WHERE: Boali commune (21 villages) + Bangui 4th district

BENEFICIARIES: 550 people (300 people – direct distribution, 250 people – money transfer): farms that have lost food supplies and seeds, farms that cannot afford to buy seeds, women maintaining farms themselves, the elderly, the disabled and people infected with the virus HIV, multi-person households without livelihoods

OBJECTIVE: to increase the activity of beneficiaries in the following sectors: agriculture (cultivation for private use and for trade), farming and fishing – self-sufficiency and better coping in a threat or crisis situation

COURSE: identification of beneficiaries, training on demonstration plots or directly at the place of cultivation, distribution of agricultural kits (seeds and small equipment), distribution of Orange sim cards, opening of Orange Money accounts, cash payment 30,000 FCFA / person, supervision of private crops of beneficiaries





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