Since the Crises in 2013 in The Central African Republic, one of the main effects of the crisis in the CAR is mass displacement.
Another effect of the crises, is that majority of families are unable to plant their crops or earn their living, and that the price of essential foods like rice had increased by as much as 25%.
Sadly, Children are the main victims of this conflict as they amount for up to 53% of the population in human
Majority of Children in CAR are malnourished, 40% of this children under five suffer malnutrition. A child who suffers from malnutrition can also suffer from stunted development of the brain and cognitive capacity.
This is why we sort to improve the nutritional situation in CAR by training on seedlings.
Also, the distribution of cultivation kits like seeds and garden tools.
We also supervise the cultivation progress all in a bid to reduce malnutrition in the CAR.
Help reduce malnutrition amongst children by clicking the link on our bio.



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