The non-governmental organization I3D was established on the initiative of committed young people who were united by the idea of ​​fighting for human rights and proper management of natural resources on a global basis in the Central African Republic.

I3D is a non-profit, apolitical and secular organization whose mission is to promote the rule of law and the well-being of citizens.
Its origins date back to 2009, when the Association for the Promotion of Hygiene, Drinking Water Distribution, Improvement of Sanitary Conditions and Sustainable Development (APHEADD – Association pourla Promotion de l’Hygiene, Eau, Assainissement et Développement Durable) was established.
Its activities at that time consisted mainly of interventions in the sanitary and forestry sectors.

So where did the name change to I3D come from?

The main reason should be seen in the political and military crisis of 2013-2014. According to some observers, this crisis has exposed the irresponsibility
of the Central African political class. With time, it transformed into an intra-community clash that took on a religious dimension. At that time, young
people participated in anti-civic acts onan unknown scale. In view of these circumstances, the members of APHEADD gathered at the extraordinary general assembly in July 2015, having analyzed the socio-political situation in the CAR, set themselves a new goal – the dissemination of democracy. Hence the name change to I3D (Initiative pour la Démocratie et le Développement Durable)