KIEDY: marzec/kwiecień 2021 GDZIE: prefektury Nana Mbaéré, Sangha Mbaéré, Mambere Kadeï (31 gmin) BENEFICJENCI: mieszkańcy tych prefektur KONTEKST: wobec rozpowszechniania się pandemii Covid 19, władze RŚA podzieliły kraj na 6 regionów sanitarnych i powierzyły misję bezpłatnej dystrybucji maseczek 5 narodowym organizacjom pozarządowym (w tym I3D) CEL: […]
WHEN: September 2015 – September 2016  WHERE: Lobaye and Sangha-M’Baéré Prefectures (including two Protected Areas: Mbaéré-Bodengué)  BENEFICIARIES: approximately 45,000 inhabitants of these prefectures  BACKGROUND: post-crisis socio-economic reality in the CAR  OBJECTIVE: to create conditions conducive to the sustainable management of natural resources and the socio-economic reconstruction […]
WHEN: December 2017 / January 2018  WHERE: Boali and Bossembele districts (Ombella-Mpoko Prefecture)  BENEFICIARIES: refugees returning from migration and relocated refugees in the number of 500 (women running households, peasants with no income, returning from migration without a source of income, people with disabilities or HIV-infected, […]
WHEN: May-July 2018 WHERE: Boali commune (21 villages) + Bangui 4th district BENEFICIARIES: 550 people (300 people – direct distribution, 250 people – money transfer): farms that have lost food supplies and seeds, farms that cannot afford to buy seeds, women maintaining farms themselves, the elderly, […]
WHEN: January / February 2019 WHERE: 4th and 8th district of Bangui BENEFICIARIES: 650 people (internally displaced people, peasants with no income and women without a source of income running households) BACKGROUND: people’s helplessness in the face of crises (politico-military, economic, food) OBJECTIVE: to improve the […]
TIME: May / June 2019 WHERE: Bangui-Garoua-Boulai road corridor BENEFICIARIES: people living in areas covered by road works BACKGROUND: expansion of the road, customs and transit infrastructure of the Bangui-Garoua-Boulai corridor OBJECTIVE: to make residents aware of the defense mechanisms against abuses related to the work […]
WHEN: April 2019 – March 2020 WHERE: Nola and Bayang subprefectures BENEFICIARIES: 25 villages / districts of which 16 in the municipality of Nola and 9 in the municipality of Yobé-Sangha (approx. 12,922 people) BACKGROUND: lack of hygiene and still practiced defecation in the open air, […]
WHEN: July 2020 WHERE: Sangha-Mbaere Prefecture BENEFICIARIES: 20 health centers BACKGROUND: in view of the political and economic situation, the state does not provide public health centers with the necessary equipment and medical products OBJECTIVE: to combat the spread of Covid-19 COURSE: equipping public health care […]
WHEN: October 2020 – April 2021 WHERE: towns: Babongo, Loppo, Tanga, Mbaere BENEFICIARIES: 4 health centers and 7,308 residents in the vicinity BACKGROUND: places where health centers are located, as well as the health centers themselves, do not have any source of clean water (they draw […]
WHEN: January and March 2021 WHERE: the cities of the Bocaranga subprefecture (Koui, Bouar, Pendé, Bozoum, Ngaoundaye and Bohong) BENEFICIARIES: 400 internally displaced persons (including 109 most vulnerable people, mainly single-parent women) BACKGROUND: the political and military crisis (contestation of the results of the presidential elections […]
WHEN: March / April 2021 WHERE: Sangha Mbaere and Lobay Prefectures BENEFICIARIES: directly – representatives of 31 health centers (nurses, obstetricians, midwives, midwives and midwives), indirectly – patients of these health centers (approx. 1200 women / month) BACKGROUND: high perinatal mortality (infant mortality is 10 times […]