WHEN: March / April 2021

WHERE: Sangha Mbaere and Lobay Prefectures

BENEFICIARIES: directly – representatives of 31 health centers (nurses, obstetricians, midwives, midwives and midwives), indirectly – patients of these health centers (approx. 1200 women / month)

BACKGROUND: high perinatal mortality (infant mortality is 10 times higher than in industrialized countries, while for women it is 100 times higher) and no medical equipment

AIM: improving the conditions of gynecological and obstetric care and reducing the mortality rate of women and children during and after childbirth

COURSE: substantive training (lecture + educational videos) and practical training (handling of tools brought from Poland, learning to perform basic pregnancy and perinatal examinations and receiving the delivery itself and birth pathology), distribution of medical materials (pelvic gauges, vacuum suits, forceps, surgical scissors, devices for pressure measurement, neonatal ambu, mammals, etc.)

PARTNERS: Redemptoris Missio, Tarnów Diocese, Polish Foundation for Africa, Ernest Wójcicki Prenatal Medicine Foundation, Trust a Midwife, Ministry of Health of the CAR



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