TIME: May / June 2019

WHERE: Bangui-Garoua-Boulai road corridor

BENEFICIARIES: people living in areas covered by road works

BACKGROUND: expansion of the road, customs and transit infrastructure of the Bangui-Garoua-Boulai corridor

OBJECTIVE: to make residents aware of the defense mechanisms against abuses related to the work on the construction of the Bangui-Garoua-Boulai corridor (procedures for submitting complaints and handling complaints)

COURSE: substantive and legal expertise regarding the course of work as well as accepting and considering complaints (identification of interested persons and their goods, resolving disputes regarding property rights and inheritance, considering cases of sexual abuse against women, exploitation of minors for work, degradation of flora, fauna and buildings residential)

PARTNERS: CEMAC (Economic and Monetary Community of Central African States)



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