WHEN: January and March 2021

WHERE: the cities of the Bocaranga subprefecture (Koui, Bouar, Pendé, Bozoum, Ngaoundaye and Bohong)

BENEFICIARIES: 400 internally displaced persons (including 109 most vulnerable people, mainly single-parent women)

BACKGROUND: the political and military crisis (contestation of the results of the presidential elections by the opposition forces) and the resulting increase in the number of people displaced from the rebel-controlled areas

OBJECTIVE: to mitigate the consequences of the ongoing crisis, especially in terms of health, nutrition, food security, education and social protection

COURSE: identification of refugees, analysis of the most urgent needs (including a roof over the head, latrines, access to water, food, health care, livelihood, ensuring the safety of children, young girls and women), food distribution for displaced persons in the so-called host families

PARTNERS: Organization for the World



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