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The Safe Mama II project is a continuation of the Safe Mama I project, which helped 24 health centers
in the Sangha-Mbaere Prefecture of the Central African Republic to reduce maternal mortality in these centers.
Due to the humanitarian crisis, health centers in this country are poorly equipped
and 80% of medical personnel are not educated. As many as 35 percent of births in this country
end up infecting the baby with HIV. Lack of knowledge, equipment and medicines may result
in the death of the mother and child in an ordinary birth. As many as 585,000 women die each year
in childbirth in this country. This is one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world.
The Safe Mama 2 project aims to reduce the perinatal mortality of both mothers and children.
It is a specialized gynecology and obstetrics project for 39 health centers
in the Central African Republic in the Sangha-Mbaere prefecture. The project consists of two parts: -> training medical staff from 39 health centers on: the most common obstetric pathologies during pregnancy and perinatal, learning the surgical treatment of perinatal injuries, resuscitation of a newborn, obstetric care for obstetricians and newborns and many others that save lives; -> equipping health centers with gynecological and obstetric equipment as well as medical and paramedical materials absolutely necessary for the proper delivery